Creating Your Dream

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Creating Your Dream is a powerful and simple step-by-step guide for anyone who is tired of waiting for life to get great.

Author Christopher Dorris shares his observations from years of training the world's top athletes and executives in the area of peak performance.

This book delivers concise and engaging descriptions of the most critical psychological traits-or Mental Toughness Tools-shared by the world's top performers.

Include are the actual exercises that these peak performers use in their daily Mental Toughness Training regimens.

- Game FaceImagery
- The Pre-Performance Routine
- Mental Stretching
- The Winner's Circle
- Negativity Immunity
- The Secret Weapon
- Awareness and Presence
- Hoping to Knowing

Creating Your Dream is an invaluable resource for people who are adamant about taking full control of their lives by freeing the mind of the restrictive beliefs that prevent ultimate success and happiness.
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Table of Contents

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    Creating Your Dream - Audio

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    • CH1 - How to Use This Book

    • CH2 - Step 1 Know Exactly What You Want

    • CH3 - Step 2 Create Momentum by Taking Immediate Action

    • CH4 - Step 3 Mental Toughness Training

    • CH5 - Developing Unrestricted Belief

    • CH6 - Disciplinded Thinking

    • CH7 - Game Face

    • CH8 - Imagery

    • CH9 - Mental Prep Routines

    • CH10 - Reprogramming and Reinforcing

    • CH11 - Hoping to Knowing

    • CH12 - Acting as If

    • CH13 - Trusting Timing

    • CH14 - The Winner's Circle

    • CH15 - Negativity Immunity

    • CH16 - Conclusion

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    Creating Your Dream - Text

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    • Creating Your Dream by Chris Dorris


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